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Become a Screening Officer and contribute to airport security!

Securitas Aviation ensures the safety of passengers from around the world by providing thorough security checks at Canadian airports since 2011.

Passenger and Baggage Screening

Conduct preventative checks on passengers and baggage as per procedures.

Customer Service

Assist passengers throughout the screening process.

Non-Passenger Vehicle Screening

Screen vehicles entering the airport tarmac.


Securitas Aviation is a specialized division of the Securitas Group. We offer specific security solutions for the aviation sector and are active around the globe.

Securitas Aviation Canada is responsible for airport security at 32 locations in eastern Canada, including airports in Nunavut, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Discover the responsibilities and tasks of an agent


What are the responsibilities of a Screening Officer at Securitas Aviation?

Be customer service oriented. Deal with passengers in a professional manner.

Screen passengers and their baggage using dedicated technological systems and/or manual search.

Monitor the flow of passengers through the checkpoint to ensure efficiency.

Test baggage for any prohibited materials, using technological equipment.


What are the prerequisites to becoming a Screening Officer?

  1. Be willing to undergo extensive security & reference checks

  2. Be 18 years of age

  3. Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident as defined in the Immigration Act with an employment authorization document

  4. Have a high school diploma or equivalent

  5. Be willing to work shifts on a rotational basis, holidays and weekends

  6. Comply with all Transport Canada medical requirements

Want new challenges?

Become a certified Screening Officer.



Psychometric test



Video call with a recruiter.


Submitting Forms 

  • Medical Form (appointment with a doctor required)
  • Background Check Form (fingerprints may be required)
  • Security Clearance Form

Official Job Offer

Job offer and uniform.


Paid Training

Paid Training (includes 2 exams)

Working conditions

Find out about working conditions by choosing your region (airport).

  • Pre-certified agent: salary of $20.99/h

  • Certified agent: salary from $24.57 to $28.26/h

  • Premium of $0.25/h for work performed on positions requiring advanced certifications

  • Premium of $0.25/h for work performed on Saturdays and Sundays

  • Premium of $0.25/h for work performed at night from 11pm to 7am

  • 2-7 vacation weeks (based on seniority)

  • Collective insurance:  Life, Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits

  • Pension fund / RRSP program: After 1 year of seniority, 1% matched by employer / up to 5.5%

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

  • Sick hours: 64 hours for full-time agents and 32 hours for part-time

  • 8 Personal days (unpaid)

  • SWAP/Forfeit shifts

  • Employee recognition program (earn medals and exchange them for gifts)

  • Parking pass