Securitas Transport Aviation Security Ltd. offers integrated security solutions for the Canadian aviation industry. In cooperation with our customers, we develop customized and effective security solutions using advanced technology and cutting-edge tools.

The aviation segment of Securitas

The Securitas Aviation segment operates internationally with a staff of 28,000 security specialists in more than 250 airports around the world.

Securitas Aviation operates within three business segments of the Canadian aviation industry: airports, airlines and airport related businesses

Each segment has its own products and services

The Aviation Business Centre (ABC)

Our Aviation Business Centre (ABC) provides support to all our airport and aviation security operations by sharing knowledge and best practices.

The ABC audit team is responsible for ensuring all our operations are compliant and that they adhere to the highest standards in quality. The ABC team also specializes in providing coaching and support for start-ups and transitions, and is the driving force behind the innovation we bring to our partnerships with customers.

The logo features three red dots symbolizing the three values that guide our company to win and retain the trust of customers and employees.


Securitas places the highest emphasis on honesty. Our employees are able to work unsupervised on the premises of customers and in the proximity of valuable items. Securitas never has and never will compromise when it comes to integrity.


A Securitas employee is always attentive. In fact, our professionals are trained to develop an intuition to notice things that others don’t. That way, they’re constantly aware of potential risks or incidents.


Our employees are always ready to give a hand and provide assistance. Their know-how and expertise make them invaluable partners on any task that is assigned to them.

Securitas Aviation is a member of
IATA International Air Transport Association
CoESS Confederation of European Security Services
ASSA-i Aviation Security Services Association International
ACI Airports Council International
ASIS American Society for Industry Security
Our history
October 2016

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) announces the renewal of its Airport Screening Services Agreements (ASSAs) with Securitas Aviation for a period of five years.

November 2011

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) awards the first pre-boarding security service contract to Securitas Aviation with an option to extend for up to five additional years.

December 2009

Securitas Transport Aviation Security Limited becomes incorporated in Canada.

January 2005

The Aviation Business Centre is created. The Aviation Business Centre (ABC) is Securitas' unique aviation knowledge centre and a forum for sharing experiences and best practices.