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Working as a security officer for Securitas Aviation is a job unlike any other. It comes with its challenges but also its rewards.  According to our polls, what agents appreciate the most about their job is that every day is different.


The job
A pre-boarding security agent’s job is to screen passengers and non-passengers before they enter secure areas in an airport. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and in-depth training, Securitas agents help make airports safer for everyone.


Airport security agents need to be patient in their dealings with the public. They also have to be confident and disciplined. Anyone who wants to apply for this position needs a high school diploma and must be available to work at any time. Of course, any experience in the field of security is an asset.


Depending on the location of the job offer, applicants may be required to pass a psychometric test. Employees will also have to obtain security clearance to work in restricted areas of an airport and will have to undergo classroom training, practical training, and on-the-job training (OJT)


Working conditions
Securitas agents are unionized and benefit from excellent working conditions. Medical and dental insurance is provided, and employees enjoy a competitive hourly wage. Agents choose their shifts depending on seniority.


Opportunities for advancement 
Screening officers with a good record can apply to become a Security Service Manager or a Security Checkpoint Coordinator.


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